Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Review Ever: Darrell Lea Australian Liquorice

First review, that was intimidating. Where to start? I finally decided to write a review on my favorite liquorice. Darrell Lea Australian Liquorice 
My brother introduced us to this brand when he brought it home from his mission with him. He also brought home Tim Tams and Milo. But today we are talking about Aussie liquorice. Fantastic stuff it is. Yummy as the days. In honest, I could eat that stuff all day everyday. But alas I am doing Weight Watchers and portion control and lack of points keep me from eating more than I should. Also the fact that they aren't readily available in every store is probably a good thing for me. It is fat free, too back its not calorie free or even low cal.
My favorite flavor is strawberry, but may of the other flavors are good too. Why is it different than everything else out there? To be honest I haven't quite put my finger on it. Personally I think they are sweeter and stronger flavored than American liquorices. They are also much more soft and chewy, there is no tugging or pulling. 
There are lots of Aussie liquorice brands out there to buy. I've tried a number of them, many of them are good, but they aren't Darrell Lea's. Where can you buy it? I'm sure you can on the internet, although I've never tried. I normally purchase it at Cost Plus World Market. But I don't live near one anymore. I did learn semi-recently that Ace Hardware of all places sells it. I don't know if its just our local store has found a market for it, or if all Ace's stock it. But in our small town we don't have a Cost Plus, but we do have an Ace.

Why Reviews

The other day I was talking to my mom, and she asked me what I've read lately. In full disclosure my mother is a published author. She publishes in the LDS fiction genre. She reads a lot of LDS fiction and reviews it on her writer's blog. In the course of the conversation she told me that I should be reviewing every book I read-at least somewhere. Unless the book is a huge name best selling author they don't get much publicity or marketing done on them. Especially in the LDS genre. 
Well this conversation got me thinking. Why not write reviews of what I read. But why stop there? Why not just about anything I could write a review about: books, movies, plays, concerts, restaurants, fast food, video games, internet sites, products... the list could be forever. 
So I don't know what I will all end up reviewing, but it might be fun along the way, and then, at least I'm putting it out there.