Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Secret Fit Maternity bottoms by Motherhood

Since I have finally announced that we're expecting again (Twins this time), I've decided I can blog about products like maternity clothes now. This was a new product when I was pregnant with my son (baby number 1). After purchasing a bunch of maternity bottoms on the market and not being able to ware any of them we found the Secret Fit products by Motherhood. Other companies have come out with their own version of "full belly band", I have not tried most of them. But the one I tried didn't work in the same way. I was a jersey Lycra type material and it felt tight on my tummy, granted this was just in a dressing room, but I wasn't going to purchase it and have it never feel right. 
I need the Secret Fit from about week 6 or 7 of my pregnancy. Although at that point I can still fit into my normal pants, I can't stand pant waistbands. They add to my nausea. At that point my tummy is super sensitive and any pressure is not a good thing for me. So the Secret Fit's band is perfect, it has no waistband and the nylon spandex top adds no pressure to my tummy. Other things I love about the Secret Fit is that my jeans/pants look like normal pants. Also I can ware them from the start before I start showing all the way to the day baby is born. The top stretches out to accommodate your growing belly, but because of the materials its made of the stretching isn't permeate. 
I love my Secret Fit products. I'm to the point where I don't purchase a maternity bottom (pant, jean, shorts, skirt) unless it is Secret Fit. Its just not worth the money to purchase anything else for me. Products I own: 2 pairs of jeans, pair of corduroy pants, black dress pants, a jean skirt, a knee length grey wool skirt, and a black flowing mid-calf black skirt. To all out there who are expecting, especially if this is your first, I totally recommend saving up the little bit of extra money to invest in a Secret Fit bottom. Yes they are a bit more expensive then some of the other brands out there, but Motherhood does lots of sales. Their sales, in store or online at Motherhood.com, make the products affordable. Yes for a bit more you might be able to purchase 2 bottoms from another store when they have their sales, but if you have the problems I do then you're not going to want to ware either of those you bought. Instead save a bit of money, hold off buying the others, and then buy the one pair that is going to be wonderful. I hope that you like them as much as I do. Their pants range on sale or not from $15-50. Average for a good pair of jeans.
Disclaimer: I know that each woman is different, and there are probably women out there who dislike the fit and feel of the Secret Fit. You need to find what you feel most comfortable in. With my sensitivity issues I feel   overall most comfortable in the Secret Fit, if you're like me, this might be the answer to your problems.