Sunday, July 22, 2012

Biggest Loser Game for XBox and the Kinect

We got a Kinect for my birthday. I haven't done much with it yet but use it to work out. I purchased the Biggest Loser Game to go use for that purpose. Here are my thoughts on it
1- Crazy work out: Besides my total lack of co-ordination the work outs are "hard" while you're doing them. They are totally do able. That's not the crazy part. I had expected crazy stuff, like sometimes they do on the show. What is crazy, is for not feeling that hard, I am totally sore starting as few hours later. It kicks my in the behind (and my legs and arms and stomach....). Don't be fooled by how easy the work out feels.
2- Its a video game based after a competitive tv show, I guess it should be a no brainer that it is going to work like a video game and make you compete. This intimidates me. I just want to work out and feel like I'm doing a good job, and see a good job in my bathroom on my scale where no one else sees except me. I know that its suppose to be a motivator to stand on that scale on the games once a week for a weigh in, but I HATE it. If I know the next time I log into the game its going to force to me do a weigh in and I don't think I'm going to get a good number, I will just not work out. Then I feel guilty for skipping my work out for that reason. But I don't want to have to log my weight into the game and I don't want to face the elimination round. I have going to the elimination round even when I'm not a candidate for "going home" that week. I just want to get on do a work out and turn it off each week. Is that too much to ask.
3- Whoever designed it didn't have toddlers and babies playing around you.
I don't know if this is a Kinect problem in general or a Biggest Loser program problem, but I don't have the same type of problem when playing the Kinect Adventure games. The problem is... whenever my son comes anywhere the Kinect can visually spot him and game latches onto him and ignores me and what I'm doing even though I'm perfectly situated.  It sees my infants but it doesn't following them as the primary player. I have lost many of challenge competitions because it wants to think my toddler is me (the Kinect Adventure game has the opposite problem it has a hard time seeing him.

Well those are my major thoughts. I'm still glad I purchased it. It was worth the cost compared to all the other work out DVD options. Its a good work out. I like that it gives you feed back on how well you're doing the exercise. (although with all things like that sometimes its just not helping you in getting better. I like how it gives you water breaks, and that there is more to it than just the work out options.
It was a good investment.

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