Monday, September 6, 2010

Matta's Mexican Grill and Cantina

Matta's Mexican Grill and Cantina
I love Matta's food. I have been eating their food since I was a child. My parents have been eating their food since they were children. Back in 2007 Matta's main restaurant closed. The only way we'd could eat their food after that was going to the Matta's Grill on Higley (in Mesa, AZ). But the food was never quite the same. It tasted more like fast food (which it is) rather then the quality of a restaurant. 
Last month Matta's finally opened a new restaurant. It was opened at the Mesa Riverview complex. The restaurant is so well done inside. They did it in the Spanish architecture style, just like the old place. They also brought over from the old location the large sign, the stain glass, and many other artistic decor to decorate this location. 
The food was just as I remembered it. My husband had only ever eaten at the Grill location. I had feared that my emotional memories of eating at the original Matta's was influencing my memory of what the food actually tasted like. I worried that once the new restaurant opened and my husband tried it that he'd be disappointed by how it tasted. My fears were not justified. For just as it was as I remembered, my husband was overwhelmed by how wonderful everything tasted, even down tot he beans and rice. That made me so happy.   
I can't wait to go up to Mesa again just to eat at Matta's Mexican Grill and Cantina, mmmmm.

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  1. oH, I love Mexican food! I've got my fav restaurant here too.