Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fiber Bars

I've tried the Kellogg's brand, the Fiber ONE brand, and the Quaker Brand bars. Out of all 3 I like the Kellogg's the most (Peanut butter is my favorite). Quaker is still okay, but they are my least favorite.  I like that they are yummy snacks. They are low point if you do point counting. They taste almost like a candy bar without all those extra calories. Also I've become a huge fan of Fiber. (Sorry I don't have journal article references, without access through a college, finding the right journal articles are difficult). It has been understood for years that your body has to work hard (burn more calories) to digest fiber. Due to this and other factors, fiber helps keep your digestive system moving and healthier. I recently learned of a study (sorry I can't find the reference again) that's initial research shows that fat and fiber actually bind together causing you to pass more of the fat you eat. Also fiber allows me to reduce my point intake but increase how much food I eat while doing Weight Watchers. 
Between all 3 brands I tend to eat the actual Fiber ONE brand the most. This is because 1-They tend to be on sale more, and the taste difference isn't big enough to pay full price when something else is on sale. 2- Fiber ONE is available at Costco, and when I can purchase something at Costco, its the one I'm going to buy. I love buying in bulk. 

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