Monday, August 23, 2010

Learning Curve Sippy Cups

Learning Curve Sippy cups
We have graduated pass the bottles and on to sippy cups. I would have loved to take the step to the normal cup, but my 15 month old hasn't learned how to not make a mess, and not play with liquids. So sippy cups it is. 
We've tried a number of brands. So just aren't "spill-proof" like they say and others are so "spill-proof" that my son can't seem to get anything out of them no matter how hard he tries. 
The brand that seems to be the best, for us, for both are the Learning Curve brand. They have a rubber closure in the plastic nipple space that keeps it from spilling, but also allows a suction to flow. There is also a pressure hold opposite the nibble, for air flow that is also rubber. Its rare this sippy drips, and my son has no problems drinking it.
It comes in all sorts of character prints: Sesame Street, Toy Story, Disney Princesses, and others. I'm not a big character promoter, they do have some plain colored cups but everywhere I looked those cups where more expensive than the character prints. Well at least I don't have to pay more for the copyrighted prints.

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