Friday, August 13, 2010 and other sites like it

I have been one of those people, for a long time now, that follow a few daily sites. Many of which I have never bought anything from in my life. But I still check everyday, just in case.
I have really enjoyed a site called and their partner site
Both have fun daily "steals" for you or your children. I've got some cool things through them. But most of the time the "steal" price is still more expensive than I'd ever spend on such an item. But its fun to look everyday.
Besides those two sites I've also learned and started watching My brothers introduced me to woot. My husband loves their TV shirts (although the one shirt he loved is now gone). 
I haven't bought anything from the daily but I have bought a few cool things from
I'm sort of split sharing these sites with you. Because one more person watching these site means one more person who might sell out an item before I get to get it.

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