Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KFC's Double Down (grilled)

There was something so alluring about the Double Down when I first learned about it. Sounds like a low-carb dieters dream. While pregnant I was put on a low-carb (high protein and veggie diet). This would have been perfect. What is a Double Down? For those who don't already know about this tasty meaty goodness here is a definition for you. Double Down: two chicken breasts sandwich, no bun, with a jalapeƱo mayo, cheese, and bacon inside. If you get the chicken grilled instead of crispy breaded original then it is only 11 Weight Watchers points. That is less than most hamburgers out there.
So what did I think? Tasty. Looked small. But it fulled me up really well. I would want to get it again. However, it tasted like something was missing. Maybe when you get the chicken original it that fulfills what it needs. But here are some ideas for making it tastier. It could be wrapped in lettuce with tomato slices, like the Low-Carb burger at Carls JR. Served on sandwich thins. I wonder if our local KFC would wrap it in lettuce for me.
It was very yummy. Any of ya'll out there ever have it before? Would you eat it again? I guess we'll learn the ultimate answer to that if KFC continues to carry it on their menu. 

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