Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ancient Egyptians (Documentary mini-series)

Ancient Egyptians (Documentary mini-series) 
I have been on a bit of an Educational film kick lately. I have always loved educational shows, but I've been more in the mood lately to watch them. I had added this to my Netflix cue a long time ago and when I went on my kick I moved all the documentaries to the top of the cue. I was expecting this series to be like most others, a history of Egypt's history. Instead this was a series that took writings from everyday life on papyrus. It then acted out the stories, giving the view a looking into what we currently understand what their lives are like. These are actual stories found on papyrus, they are told with what I expect to be plenty of literary licence, but all the same, really well done. There were some parts that were a little disturbing with how much detail (mostly gore) they included. But on the same thread there were parts where I felt the gore was really downplayed, for which I am grateful seeing how my toddler was in the room while I was watching them, plus I don't enjoy watching that stuff.
Well done. If you're interested in what daily life for the Egyptians might have been like, or you're like me and educational TV then this is a good series to check out.  Good luck finding it. 

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