Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie: Bright Star

Bright Star
I saw a trailer for this and it looked like something I would enjoy. So I looked it up on Netflix and added it to my cue. I had forgotten everything the trailer had told me about it because none of had seemed familiar. I did greatly enjoy it. Such a sweet story. I cheered for them and felt like crying for them (I rarely cry so it might make you cry if you are a sensitive person). I was overall enjoyable and sweet.
It was clean, no sex, no impropriety, I would recommend it to my other who rarely watches movies made after 1970, except children's films, because of smut in the movies. But this is a movie I know she could watch and feel comfortable.
The storyline focuses around John Keats, a real person, a British Romantic poet  in the early 1800's, and a young lady who Keats falls in love with named Fanny Brawn. Their relationship is well documented and that part of the story is true. The poem, Bright Star, written by Keats is known to have been given to Miss Brawn as a token of his love for her. Hence the title of the movie, Bright Star. How much of the events that follow in the movie are true- I don't know. All the actors did an excellent job. They were all believable to me and I could like them for who they were. I'm glad I saw the trailer and put it into my cue. I don't know how long I would have waited before hearing about it if not.

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