Friday, August 6, 2010

Angels and Demons- by Dan Brown

Angels and Demons-by Dan Brown
I enjoy Dan Brown's books. There are those who do not, to them I ask if the only book of his they have read is the DaVinci Code- which I enjoyed but all the sexual orgies stuff really upset me and made me never want to read another book of his AGAIN! That was until we watched Angels and Demons with my in-laws and there wasn't even a hint of such vulgarity. I then was talking to my Father-in-law, who had read the book if he remembered anything-no- and that is because there isn't. Overall I enjoyed this book so much more than I did the DaVinci Code. It was less predictable (although I already knew the beginning from the end) if I hadn't I don't know at what point I would have guessed it. Unlike the DaVinci Code where I called it after all the characters were introduced. Both books I enjoyed the historical and art history information. Sure I heard some of it back in college in my required Western Civ Art and History class, but I didn't retain any of that stuff. In contrast. I already have retained more than I ever did in class because I know more details, I have something to relate it to. I appreciate it more, I look into it and learn more on my own. I feel smarting while reading Brown's books. 
Angels and Demons is the first book in the Robert Langdon series. I had been told it was written as a pre-quell but this is incorrect. It was written and published long before the DaVinci Code.  It did moderately well on its own, but it got the attention after the DaVinci Code readers found out that Brown had another book out in the series. I liked the characters in this book. I even felt a likableness in the antagonist, although it did leave me asking- was he crazy? insane? power crazy? His likableness made me feel a sadness at his choices. It is that sort of realness that is a sign of a well written story. From the first few pages to the end I was interested and didn't want to stop reading.
Take some time to read this no-sex book and enjoy learning about history, just take it with reservations because it is fiction and fiction skews the past to fit to their story. Read and then go out there and learn.

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