Saturday, November 13, 2010

When in Rome (movie)

"When in Rome" starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel ( link)
When this was in the theaters it looked like a cute movie and I like Kristen Bell as an actress (stems from my enjoyment of the TV show Veronica Mars. But the movie didn't sound like something my husband would enjoy and not something I felt the need to pay movie theater prices to see. Now that it is available on DVD, I had the opportunity to watch it. I love it. Such a cute movie. It was a much more enjoyable plot then the previews and trailers made it out to be- they did not do this movie justice.
Basic plot: Beth (Kristen Bell) has been overly occupied with achieving success in her career. When out of nowhere her sister Joan (Alexis Dziena) announces she is getting married- in Rome. While at the reception Beth gets herself a little drunk and takes a dip (in her brides maid dress) in a fountain, known as the fountain of love, while there she pulls 5 coins out of the fountain. The supposed legend of this fountain is that you wish for love by throwing in a coin, by the same if you pull a coin out of the fountain the legend says that person will be under your spell.
It is such a cute movie. Maybe not for your husband (although not too bad, I would try to get my husband to watch it with me the next time I watch it).

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