Sunday, January 2, 2011

Book: Murder At Midnight by Elliott Roosevelt

Murder at Midnight by Elliott Roosevelt
This is the second book in the Eleanor Roosevelt series that I've read. For anyone who hasn't read my other review or has never read one of this series, they are a series written by FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt's son Elliott. He wrote this series about his mother solving murders that occurred in the White House. I find them fun for the tib bits of historical facts and lifestyles that are added in. They are not as morally tidy as a 'Perry Mason' novel or episode. Roosevelt has no precepts that characters live chaste holy lives before committing murder or before being murdered. Both books I've read have been well written, interesting, and enjoyable. 
In Murder at Midnight a young black maid in the White House is accused of murdering a judge who is staying at the White House. Mrs. Roosevelt knows that this young black girl is no angel but that she didn't commit murder either. It touches on some of the racism feelings of the time and how that effects their lives and perception of the courts. In reading these books I've learned that I would not of agreed with the Roosevelts politically but I can like them for being normal good people. A sediment that I rarely feel about politicians today. This story takes place during The Great Depression. This too added an aspect of comparison to today, being in a recession and having Demarcates in the White House. The differences in their approach to bringing our economy up and similarities (most of which didn't work then why would the Obama camp think it would work now).  But it created a parallel of worlds, then and now. I'm looking forward to the next book of this series that I can find.

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