Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Sherlock!! Oh my goodness!!! I am enamored!! This is the best series since...... Psych, but that is a poor comparison. Its amazingly good. So witty and creative, so modern, fresh, and smart.
Sherlock- a modern take on Sherlock and Watson's adventures. 
Set in modern London. Sherlock Holmes is a fringing Aspergers' Syndrome personality (never called that, just my preception from my understanding of Aspergers), played supremely by Benedict Cumberbatch (a favorite British actor of mine), he is brilliant as Sherlock and so believable. Watson is an recently returned Army Doctor from Afghanistan (exactly the way it is in the book, sad how few things actually change in a 100 years) who is suffering from PTSD played by Martin Freeman (another fav British actor). Freeman has often played a bit immature characters in the past, but really shows the maturity that makes him a real Dr. Watson MD. Seeing how they are two grown men sharing a flat in the 20th century, they address this with a running joke that they are a gay couple, but it is made very clear many times that this is just the running  joke. Sherlock is married to his brain and Watson is very interested in finding a girlfriend. 
My husband and I watched this together. Laughing and on the edge of our seats at the same time. With each 1 1/2 episode we watched we wanted to start the next. Craved it until we got to watch it and then was devastated when we learned that the first season only have 3 episodes. The only solace we had was that the series was not canceled but season 2 is already on its way in Great Britten. Too bad I have to wait for it to be available in the US.
You could check the listings of your local PBS Masterpiece Theater to see if there are any up coming showings. We watched it on But alas at the moment it is not available to viewing online currently at It is purchasable a whole series or to watch online through Amazon or I'm sure through other similar outlets. Or reserve it in your Netflix cue. It is so amazing so worth watching.

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