Saturday, January 8, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen- frozen

California Pizza Kitchen- frozen
We have bought these a few times. They taste fantastic and the best part about them is they are so much healthier than other frozen pizzas. I have yet to find another frozen pizza that is as low in calories and fat while giving you large enough servings to feel full. 
For example- on their Sicilian pizza, 1/3 pizza is a serving size, that's 310 calories 14 g fat. My husband and I cut it into 8 slices, if we each eat half, that's 465 calories each or 930 calories for a whole pizza. If you count WW points that is 22 points for an entire pizza, 11 points per half.
In contrast, the frozen pizzas we were eating were 16 points for 1/2 the pizza, and 32 for the whole pizza. 
The only complaint is that I think they are each made by hand, and occasionally are less than perfect, ie less cheese or topping than another pizza. But besides that, they are wonderful tasting.
You can purchase them at any of your local grocery store. Even Costco carries them in packages of 3 these days, in fact this coupon series (Jan 6- Jan 30 2011) has a $3.50 off coupon. A coupon we will be using at our house.

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